Due to COVID19 all classes are offered virtually.  Please contact me for more details!


Modern Calligraphy
In this two-hour workshop, we will begin by learning how to prepare the nib and ink for writing. Then we will practice the basics strokes of script calligraphy, and you will gain confidence as we move into letters and then words. Finally, we will begin working on a small project to take home!

1 Pointed nib + penholder, 1 Bottle of black ink, Specially designed practice sheets to learn basic strokes, letters and words, Supplies needed to create a small project to take home

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Learn to Letter | Hand Lettering for Beginners

In this hour and a half workshop, students will learn the basics of hand-lettering. We will go over the basic strokes of hand lettering, how to create your own unique alphabet style.>

Included: hand-lettering workbook, supplies to continue practicing + your completed project.