The “D” Wall

I’ve never gotten more love or hate for one piece of decor in my home.

People either love the D wall and offer to buy me D’s if they see them OR tease me with phrases like “oh did you only get that far learning the alphabet?”
“Do you want some of DEEZ nuts?!”
(that one actually turned into a pretty great inside joke + my friends teasing me in front of their entire families at their rehearsal dinner gifting me another “D” + some macadamia nuts…lol)

No matter how much shade I get, the D wall will stay as long as I stay in this house. It was my first true decorating idea. A pinterest win. An absolute pain in the butt to hang, but a true home decor dream come true.

The D wall became a dream of mine in college. I began my religious following of Emily Jones Design Co my junior year. It was a regular topic of conversation for my roommate, Michaela & I to discuss Emily’s latest blog post. She was classic. Her home was adorable and we were forever subscribers.  Emily shared this post  and the D wall became my dream. Michaela actually gifted me my very first “D”, a brightly colored cloth one from anthro. (She has always had great taste.)


From there, anytime I found a unique D or one from Hobby Lobby, it was added to the collection. The collection moved with me from apartment to apartment after college and continued to grow. I was dating Parth at the time and with the last name “Doshi” (a D name!!!) it seemed we were a match made in heaven — the D collection could stay!!

Once we got engaged in 2014, buying D’s was now considered “wedding decorations” so even more were added and gifted. It was beautiful.

By the time we moved into our first home I had about 12 D’s that I wanted to hang someplace special. This collection was 4+ years in the making and I wanted it to be displayed proudly. While my husband wanted it to go in our room or the guest room (basically a room with little to no visibility to others) I put up a fight (and won!). The D wall would be the first thing any guest sees when entering our home. *FIST PUMP!*

photo by Brittany Marie Photography

I laid out all of the D’s on the floor and rearranged it about 4 times before finally putting any holes in the wall. I used command hooks + a few nails and finally got the design I wanted. I wanted it to be central enough where it could be added to if I found some other D’s down the line. Finally, on a fall Saturday night in 2015 -  the D wall was up. I was so excited. I stuck with mostly neutral colors and added a pop of red and navy, duh!

Through the years, I’ve rearranged and repainted some, swapped some and gotten rid of some.  Some favorites have found in thrift stores and flea markets. It’s been a fun little adventure that has expanded and changed as my style has. It has also served as a background to some of my favorite memories in this home.

Until this installment comes down, I will probably hear more “D’s Nuts” jokes and the like from family and friends. But as I always say with home decor style, if you like it that’s really all that matters.

xo, DD



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