Art School / Life Update

It’s been about a month in art school already which honestly feels so strange. Before I started school (in late January - after MLK day!) I had over 6 weeks off after resigning from my job. I spent a lot of time with family and just relaxing. After being in a high stress job the change of pace was great.

Coincidentally, it was also busy season for Delaina J and I did a ton of ornaments which was a really great way for Delaina J to end the year (more on that later!) The last week I had off we got our house painted which was a beast of it’s own - but quite honestly it was a great choice.

Going from doing essentially nothing or at least having no responsibilities the 6 weeks leading up to school was really hard. I had a lot of anxiety about going into a totally new realm. Going back to school is one thing but I completely doubted my decision. Did I make a huge mistake? Would I even be able to make friends? Who on earth QUITS THEIR GOOD STEADY JOB TO PAY TO GO TO SCHOOL!? Ahh!

I’m happy to report that no I didn’t make a mistake and yes I was able to make new friends 🙂 In fact - my orientation group is made up of a lot of people that have the very same schedule as me so that’s been so nice and made it really easy to make friends. Also, most of my friends are international students which has been SO so cool for me. Their perspectives and life experiences are so different than mine and have truly enriched me in so many ways in a short amount of time. The other night we were at happy hour and around the table people were represented from Illinois (me, ha!), Turkey, Colombia & Taiwan! I have other friends from India, Mexico & China, too!

I will say I am very tired. Ha! I’m not sure if I thought going back to school as an adult would be a breeze or if I expected because I was studying art it would be a walk in the park but it is NOT. I am constantly working on homework. And not just any type of homework so much precise drawing. I have definitely felt my social life decline and let’s just say that all nighters aren’t quite as easy when you’re 28 😉

A lot of my classes are “studios” which are very different from the chem labs I did in the past. So far I’ve done lots of woodworking, design drawing and research. It’s been a really great but really challenging mix.

I will also take a minute to brag on my husband. Me going back to school was originally his idea and he’s been SO supportive through all of the ups, downs and schedule changes. He does a lot of meal prep and extra cleaning to ensure I can get my homework done which really means a lot! I’ve also been really lucky with a lot of my friends checking in on me and giving me lots of grace as I adjust to a new schedule and quite honestly a new life.

All in all, I’m really happy with my experience thus far. I’m learning so much from really great people (all who are SUPER happy in their roles - which is so refreshing!) One of my prof’s even calls me DD which is just funny to me because that’s what I was known as in my old job! And while yes, I’m tired, it’s the good kind of tired when you know you’ve left it all on the field if you know what I mean 🙂

I will probably write about some of my specific projects and art as the process moves forward but I’ll include a few photos of what I’ve made so far just for reference.

Thanks for following along. And honestly - I can now say from personal experience - risking it all too follow your dreams is scary but SO so so so so SOOOOO worth it.



Top Row L-R: Jigsaw, Architecture Design
Bottom Row L-R: Drafting, Jigsaw (S Curve), Drafting St. Nikolai

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