joy comes with the morning.

good morning, friends!

I love Saturday mornings. Especially ones where you don’t have to be anywhere and can truly enjoy a great cup of coffee in your PJs. The mornings you can spend deep in a good book, or reflecting on the past week and planning for the next one. The best part of the week in my opinion.

I cannot stand weekday mornings. As I unwillingly roll out of bed I yearn for “5 more minutes”.  I long for those lazy Saturdays in my PJs enjoying my rooftop. It was this morning as I was grumbling about getting out of bed that I realized how truly ungrateful I really was being.

Each morning is a new day. Each new day brings a new opportunity, new gifts and new challenges. Each new day is a chance to bring joy to someone else, be it a friend, colleague, child or stranger. I was missing out on this gift by not wanting to get up and spread that joy with others!

So this morning as you enjoy your coffee in your PJs or gear up to start a busy day, join me in making an effort to notice joy in the little things and even share it with someone else!

happy saturday!

-delaina j.

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