beautiful + broken

It’s been 2 weeks exactly since I finished my first semester of art school! What a whirlwind! I have been processing exactly what I’ve learned this semester about art & myself as an artist. One thing that truly surprised me was how much art really healed me. These photos show probably the most near-to-my-heart art … Continue reading beautiful + broken


Thrift Shoppin’

Over the years I have grown to appreciate the art of thrifting. Yes, it's an art. It takes a little bit of knowledge, a whole lot of patience and a few tricks to make sure you're maximizing your luck. I have been lucky enough to find a few really amazing unicorns (definition: extremely rare finds), … Continue reading Thrift Shoppin’

Tour Chicago Like a Local: What to do in Chicago for FREE this summer!

So you’re visiting Chicago this summer?! Awesome! Chicago is a city that comes alive in the summer. It takes on a whole new persona. In fact, the first day over 50 degrees after a long cold winter you’ll likely see people outside running, at the parks, out in beer gardens and simply enjoying the first … Continue reading Tour Chicago Like a Local: What to do in Chicago for FREE this summer!

Barre so Hard

I know you've probably seen my instas or multiple check-ins on Facebook, but I started taking Pure Barre in December 2016 and wanted to share my experience with people who may have wanted to try but are a bit hesitant. Let me start by introducing myself and  a little bit of my fitness background. I'm … Continue reading Barre so Hard