¡Viva Mexico!

My husband loves vacations. Probably more than anyone I know. On our honeymoon he was already planning our trips for 2015 and on our trip to Mexico this past long weekend he was planning a road trip to Niagra late summer & a trip to New Orleans or Charleston for my birthday! He has a wanderlust heart and is quickly helping me discover the one deep in me.

One of many things I love about vacations: it’s just the two of us: discovering, relaxing, playing, enjoying, eating & drinking local cuisine and resetting! I always come back feeling rejuvenated and wishing we would have never left.

Vacations are good for our marriage. Starting from our honeymoon, vacations allow us a time to unplug from social media, email & our phones and simply be. We have deep conversations just the two of us. We day dream of our home, our future babies and more places we want to see in the world. We pray that God would use us - in our church, in our city, in our friend circles & in our families. We truly connect when it’s just the two of us & the end of each trip leaves me longing for the next.

Highlights of this trip to Mexico were: napping the afternoon away in a hammock in XelHa, seeing the ruins in Tulum, wave jumping in Cancun, cocktails at our hotels fantastic swim up bar, & THE MOST AMAZING TACOS & MOJITOS EVER at the blue gecko! (Not to mention an ambiance that feels like it came right out of a Kenny Chesney song. & for this country music lover that’s a huge plus!! — photo below)

We used trip advisor when booking & on our trip to find local cuisine & affordable attractions because we did this trip on a budget! We booked our travel & lodging through Costco & BD Travel!

Parth & I were talking on the way to the airport and decided that what we learned on this trip specifically is that we are too busy at home. Working on our new home, work and social involvements keep our calendars completely tied up, forcing us to run from one thing to the next. Our take away from this relaxing getaway is to slowdown. Make time for each other and make time to just be.

While my heart is still longing for our next getaway, (July to CA for my babe Anna’s big day!!!) my soul is resting & thankful for my beloved and even more thankful that God made him in such a way that he takes such pride and joy in scheduling getaways for us. I am truly blessed.

Xoxo, Delaina

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