Magan & Cody [anniversary session]

I love when clients either become friends or are your old friends! Magan and I have known each other since 2007. It was a pleasure for me to take both her engagement and wedding photos and for her to contact me again for this special anniversary session.

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Magan & Cody have been married for a bit over a year. Cody will be leaving soon for deployment and Magan wanted to get some pictures of the two of them to commemorate this time in their marriage.

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As I see friends of mine either serve themselves or watch their spouse serve I am so grateful and in awe of the selflessness of our servicemen & women and their families. They give so much and all for the protection of our freedom.

Magan & Cody, thank you for all you do for our country. Our prayers are with you as you prepare for this change in your family.
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