Dear Carson

My sweet boy - I love you so much. It’s so hard to believe I’ve only known you for 6 months when it indeed feels like a lifetime. I can’t picture life without you. Our family is now changed in the best possible way because of the sweet addition of you! You have brought so much joy to my heart and our family already. Before you were born I prayed for you. You were prayed for by so many. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about how loved you were by so many before you were even born.

You’ve brought about a softness in your mother that she’s never had before. She’s tender. She’s calm. She’s so loving and gentle. She is a natural at caring for you. She is better because of you - we all are. 

Sweet boy - in times like this as I hear your soft sleep noises and snores I silently wonder who you’ll be. What your personality will be like. What you’ll dream and how you’ll continue to amaze us. How much longer will you let me hold you like this? Will you remember days and moments like today? I know I will forever.

Though I’m not your mother I love you with a love that is strong and fervent, perhaps a maternal kind of love. A nurturing love that grows deeper with each smile you show, each laugh I hear and each time I get to snuggle you in my arms. You see, Carson, I don’t have babies of my own yet. My time to be a mommy hasn’t arrived. But loving you makes me excited and eager for my opportunity to experience this wonderful gift you’ve given my sister- the most genuine joy and a sacrificial love so deeply rooted by an unshakable bond of mother and child.

As you drifted away to sleep in my arms this afternoon I was brought back to your first night of life and how we spent all night in a rocking chair. I sang you soft lullabies and tried to rock you to sleep. Then I prayed to God and thanked him for you - a fresh and beautiful life sent down straight from heaven. I knew we would have a special bond. I’m praying that same prayer now - a prayer of thanksgiving over your beautiful life & what’s to come.

I love you, Carson. Thank you for this moment & all the precious memories I’ve stored up from your first 6 months of life. I can’t wait to keep watching you grow.


Aunt Naina

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