Remember Whose You Are

Last Sunday I spent the afternoon with a friend crafting and being. I forgot how much comfort and peace that being artistic brings.

I was lucky enough that my friend had a box of canvases just waiting to be painted and lettered. I was trying so hard to figure out what I should write and where I would hang my new creation. The phrase “Remember Whose You Are” came to mind and with my sister and nephew about to move into their new home I thought it would be perfect for Carson’s room.

Our parents used to tell all of us (me, LaRae, Rus & Cam) that small four word phrase before we left the house or as mom was dropping us off somewhere. They have told us since before I can remember. Every birthday party, day at school, when they dropped me off at college  and moved me into my first Chicago apartment “remember whose you are”.

You see, I come from a small town, and before that an even smaller town, where if I misbehaved my parents had a way of finding out. By them leaving me with this piece of parting advice they were in a sense telling me, “Remember that you are our child. Your behavior is a reflection on us…and we will find out” And it’s true. I was never much of mischievous child. I believe it in part to be out of the love and respect I had for my parents after hearing this phrase thousands of times. I knew in my heart I wanted them to feel proud of my actions and decisions - a vice of my own issue with pride - especially when they weren’t with me. But those times when I did mess up (& what child didn’t) - you can be sure that my parents found out. I’ve never really figured out who ratted me out but I’m glad they did, otherwise there are many life lessons it would have taken me a lot longer to figure out.

After growing up I learned there was so much more to the phrase than my parents protecting their pride.  My parents taught us about Jesus growing up. That he loved us so much he died on the cross for us when he didn’t have to. Even more than me belonging to my parents, I was His child. My actions should be a reflection of my heavenly father. This is an area where I definitely fall short. My pride runs deep, I get frustrated easily, say hurtful things and can even have a short temper at times. However, the verse Psalm 19:14 remains my prayer, “May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.” God, make me more like you.

Even more than the family I belong to, both earthly and heavenly, I believe it’s even more important to remember who I am as a person. My beliefs, my convictions and my morals are mine and I need to surround myself with people that won’t question them but rather make me better. Others will both leave and disappoint but at the end of every day I need to be confident with the woman looking back at me in the mirror. Whether I am in pain or joyful, my hope for myself is that I keep growing more and more confident in the woman I have become.

This is my prayer for my myself and for my nephew Carson. I pray one day Carson realizes there’s a deeper meaning behind those words whispered to him by his mama. That he knows he is loved so deeply by his heavenly Father. That he can confidently look at the man in the mirror and stand proud and confident. I pray that for all of you, too. That you know you belong to a God that loves you so deeply and fully and you move confidently toward becoming your best self each day. Remember whose you are. 



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