Journaling through Grief

“There’s a balance of grief and healing, of joy and brokenness, and you have to move through both to make your rough edges smooth again. You have to wade through the thick waters to heal your broken pieces, and it will happen - gradually, steadily, sometimes with setbacks, but you’ll slowly mend.” - Lexi Behrndt

Putting in some time tonight to process my grief through journaling - because unfortunately healing doesn’t come easy. It takes time, effort & work.  This journal has been such a blessing to me during this time of heavy heavy loss. I’ve found comfort and peace through writing down my thoughts (though mostly jumbled), feelings & many many questions.

I didn’t realize how many thoughts, specifically regarding my grief were living in my mind waiting to be expressed. Sometimes they came out in the form of tears, frustration or even anger.

Sometimes the words just didn’t come out. But they were there. My emotions - all mixed up - were there. Writing them down has brought so much peace. I’m not much of a journal-er. I’m good about starting but not about finishing. What I like about this journal is its not a “day 1, day 2, day 3” kind of thing that almost guilts you if you run behind. The different prompts are just labeled “prompt 1, prompt 2, etc” which relieves so much pressure for me!

They are also short prompts with plenty of space to write. And the prompts are thought-provoking. They help bring out those words that have been trapped in my head. The more I can express the less heavy the pain and grief feels and I can take another step towards healing.

There’s so much hope in knowing we aren’t alone - that though our grief and pain are different, many can be empathetic in their own loss and pain experienced. This On Coming Alive community is that for me. I’m so thankful for the hope found through hearing the stories of women who have lived through the pain and found true healing, even in grief.

Also, On Coming Alive has a program where you can either purchase or donate a journal to a person that’s grieving. People can request a journal and have one sent free of charge! Check out On Coming Alive for details.

Thank you On Coming Alive team for sending this amazing journal. I’m so grateful ❤️

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