It’s Christmastime in the City | Christmas Home Tour 2017

Maybe it’s just because I love Christmas, or maybe it’s because we had a December wedding and acquired 2 additional trees after our big day… but I’ve always done Christmas big. I can’t help it. It’s my favorite holiday! Back in high school I even dressed up as Prancer the Reindeer (one of my good friends was Dancer) and I we passed out Christmas candy. (I’ll spare myself the embarrassment and won’t share the photo).

I thought I would take time to document our home this year decked out in all it’s glory and share. Mostly because it takes a lot of work to create and it’s a good way to just remember the warmth and coziness of our little West Loop condo this time of year.

While I’ve linked the portion of my decor that is still available to buy a lot of it has been thrifted, crafted or gifted to me. It makes it all the more special opening my boxes of Christmas pieces each year. There are so many sweet memories with each piece. I absolutely love this time of year.

Tree #1

No tree skirts this year because I lost them. Whoops! But I love the look of our trees. they are tall and thin - super easy for storage in the city. I almost didn’t include the burlap this year but I’m so glad I did. It adds the perfect rustic/primitive touch.

Hanging Planters | City Escape

Trees | Hobby Lobby
(pre-lit & still going strong after 4 Christmases!)

Trees 2 & 3 
placed directly in front of the window so (hopefully) they can be seen outside. Even though we are on the 3rd floor so it’s not suuuuper likely.  I like to think of them as mama and baby trees since the one of the left is so tiny. haha!

Fireplace & Mantle

White Pitcher | Ikea
Garland | Costco
Stockings | Wedding Gift // Similar Here
Green & Silver Votives | Glassybaby (Imagine & Silver Lining)

Wire basket | Target (on sale next week!)
Large Lantern | Hobby Lobby
Small Lantern | Hearth & Hand

My beloved Christmas tree collection. This collection ranges from trees I made to trees I’ve collected on post Christmas shopping trips with my sister. I shared the story behind this collection on instagram last week . Living in Chicago it really feels like winter until about mid-march and because of the neutral colors of this collection, I leave it out until late January / early February at least.



I think I lucked out at taking a married name that starts with “D”. I have collected D’s since college. My desire was to create a wall that I had seen in one of my favorite bloggers homes. I get a lot of flack from some friends on having “so many D’s” and every jr high joke you can imagine … but I love it! That’s my main rule in home decor. If you like it, then that’s really all that matters. 



My grandma saw this church at Jeffrey Alans or a similar craft store while her and my mom were picking up some decor for our wedding. My grandma loved this church and insisted on getting it for us. We had it out on the table where we took our communion during the ceremony and I love getting it out every Christmas. 

Glassy Babies | Hope & Grace 
Galvinized Church | Wedding Decor & gift from Grandma


I love being able to put my bouquet out as part of my Christmas decor. I shared the story of my broach bouquet on instagram this last week and I love how the green and silver broaches match my holiday & winter decor. 

Also, I lettered this star with the phrase “Merry & Bright” in honor of my brightest and merriest friend, Sweet Louise. 


Can’t forget to give the window sills some love. 

Red Glassy Baby | Love
Spiral Tree | Hobby Lobby
Mini Bottle Brush Trees | Target , similar here


Ornaments: Each year I add a few to the collection, whether it’s ones I make, receive as gifts or buy. This year I found a set of the silver ornaments at Goodwill for $1! The wine bottle (I’m dreaming of a White Christmas, but if the White runs out I’ll drink the red - haha!) came from our girls ornament exchange. The wooden Joy tree was one I made this year and the barn, fuzzy D, cows & star were picked up on black Friday. 



The absolute best part of decorating for Christmas is being able to share it with friends & family. My heart is so warmed thinking of all of the friends that have come and sit on my couch with me enjoying a glass of wine or some coffee. I’m so glad my sister & Carson and my mom were able to come stay with me this holiday season for a few days. I loved being able to use my fireplace, cozy up in a quilt and just enjoy the glow of the lights. I pray you and your family have a joyous Christmas season and a very blessed New Year! 


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